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Practice Specialty Areas

I offer both individual and couples therapy for a wide range of problems. Typical issues that I might work with you to address include:

  • Unresolved issues from childhood that hurt current relationships.
  • Problems establishing close relationships, including self-sabotage.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Finding new, healthier patterns of acting and relating with others.
  • Blocks to intimacy caused by past trauma.
  • Hopelessness in finding a rewarding marriage.
  • Sexual issues, including problems caused by pornography use and addiction.
  • Substance use and abuse (self or family member).
  • Stressful parent-child relationships, including adult children.
  • Unwanted alienation from God and past spiritual abuse.
  • Divorce and rebuilding life and family.
  • Work-related issues, including job stress and working with difficult people.
  • Dealing with chaotic work environments and career changes.
  • The stress of caring for elderly or sick loved ones.
  • Children with mental illness, sexual issues or substance abuse.
  • Challenges within a church or religious organization.
  • Challenges for executives or professionals and their families and co-workers (Go To Executive Coaching and Consultation).