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Choosing the right therapist involves a number of factors, including the professional’s competencies, style, background, reputation, values, and overall “fit” with a client’s personality. To help in your assessment of a fit between the two of us, I have provided a variety of personal and professional information.

My Practice Style

If you choose to work with me, I will strive to develop a positive, collaborative relationship with you using individually-designed and “doable” strategies, and a mixture of grace, honesty and perseverance. I will work carefully with you, one-on-one, to establish achievable plans for life change that will incorporate:

  • A highly relational, interactive and practical approach to therapy.
  • A focus on gaining an in-depth understanding of your life.
  • Empirically-proven approaches.
  • A focus on improving the major relationships in your life.
  • Understanding your unique personality style and the styles of others to meet your personal goals and build more harmonious relationships.
  • The option of combining our individual sessions with joint meetings that include significant others.
  • Recommending books, seminars, retreats and other helpful resources.
  • Consulting with physicians concerning psychoactive medication, when needed.