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Information for Professionals Making Referrals

For Referring Physicians
I look forward to working with you to enhance the overall health of the patients you refer. When you make referrals to me, I will make every effort to see your patient within 24-48 hours. You can expect a report on my assessment and preliminary treatment plan for your patient, to be discussed with you - depending upon how you would prefer to be informed about your patient’s progress and upon the patient’s release of information. Additionally, I will consult with you on psychoactive medications, as needed.

For Referring Clergy
I take seriously the confidence that you place in me when referring clients. I seek to integrate the psychological and the spiritual to work towards the emotional and spiritual health of the people you refer to me. I believe in the value of a faith community to overall health and well-being. I encourage clients to structure their lives to include their existing church home or to find a faith community if they do not have one. I do not steer my clients towards a particular church or denomination, but rather encourage them to thoughtfully enhance their walks of faith. I work with clients from many denominations, as well as with people outside of the Christian faith.

For Referring Therapists
I frequently consult with other therapists and very much enjoy opportunities to work collaboratively, such as situations with two spouses doing individual work with separate therapists. I am highly respectful of the therapy relationship and encourage clients to work through issues with existing therapists rather than impulsively changing. I frequently make referrals to other therapists and enjoy working with and getting to know other professionals around the Bay Area.