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Executive Coaching



Coaching and Consultation for Executives and Professionals

As a coach to executives and professionals, I am available to help clients deal with difficult co-workers, situations and systems. I work with my clients to clarify and prioritize their goals, increase their efficiency, and manage their time more effectively. Since coaching sessions can be conducted by telephone, I work with individuals from across the country.

My approach to coaching is informed by a broad diversity of experiences, including:

  • Starting up a venture-capital-funded company and building it to 100+ employees.
  • Serving as a corporate operating officer.
  • Working closely with engineers as well as business people.
  • Managing scores of employees in private and public work settings.
  • Working for a large strategic business consulting company.
  • Practicing as a psychologist for over twenty years.
  • Teaching and consulting in the area of understanding personality styles.

If you feel that my combination of professional experience is right for you as you consider a coach or consultant, please contact me at 650-368-0210 or rbgarvin@sbcglobal.net.



Areas of Expertise

These are some of the issues that I work with as a coach and consultant:

  • Helping clients deal with difficult personalities or situations at work.
  • Assessing and handling crisis situations in the workplace.
  • How to implement clear strategies in conflicted and muddled work environments.
  • Using your unique personality style to your advantage.
  • Identifying the dysfunction in a work environment and developing individual plans for success.
  • Individualized assessment and consultation about your “fit” for a position.
  • Individual consultation to pastors and ministry leaders.
  • Consultation to business and church staffs and boards dealing with crisis situations.